State Championship Results are in!

Posted by Jeanne Wright on Feb 18 2022 at 11:18AM PST

Olya skied a strong 5K classic race on Wednesday with a time of 18:30. That landed her in 24th position to begin the 5K skate race on Thursday. Thursday morning dawned bitterly cold at -17F, and the races were delayed with the skate race postponed until 4pm. That gave Olya plenty of time to do math homework, watch the Olympic Team Relay sprints, and ski the course.

She was feeling confident about the skate race, and planned to go out fast and catch those racers ahead of her. And ski hard she did – passing 7 skiers – to finish 10th in the skate race and in 17th position in the overall pursuit. That’s quite an accomplishment considering she’s skiing against 110 of the best high school skiers in Minnesota!


2022-02-18T13:23:20.000-08:00February 18 2022, at 01:23 PM PST, Everett Hurth said:

Congratulations Olya, You did great!!!!